Monday, February 18, 2013

Discover Yourself Workshop in Jeddah - 14, 15 and 16th Feb 2013


Engr. Sadatullah Khan from Banglore, Editor of Islamic voice magazine,  conducted his famous "DISCOVER YOURSELF" workshop at Lucky Darbar Auditorium in Jeddah on 14,15 and 16th Feb 2013. 

The workshop was organized by the All India Islahi Centre, Jeddah : 

All the lucky attendees of the workshop were having hundred tongues to appreciate the workshop and Engr. Sadat. A couple of brothers from Saudi Arabia, few brothers and sisters from Pakistan, from Srilanka, from various states of India and a Jordanian were part of the 120 registered attendees. 

This was the third workshop of Engr. Khan in Jeddah. The last time he conducted his workshop in Jeddah was in may 2010. 

The changes this workshop brought to the attendees in three days were amazing! It was a unique experience indeed! We went through a transformation through real time experience. 

"I am finding it very difficult to find right words to explain my experience, going through this workshop. Just in word,  I ‘REINVENTED MYSELF’. Till the other day, I had lost my self completely and thought life is not worth living ! 
But, today I know who am I & the life is really as beautiful as the Creator meant it to be. 
It was not just  a WALK THE TALK SHOW, it was surely a  ‘SHAKE THE HEART’ SHOW, compelling overhauling of one’s own inner self & awareness….." Wrote on of the attendees by email to the organizers. 

Let us try to reproduce all the terminologies he used in the workshop like State of nothingness, the word..............

I request all workshop attendees to write few words about their experience about the workshop and about the Trainer in the COMMENTS COLUMN here.

Let us remember the words of Eng. Sadatulla Khan about the importance of sharing.

Please spend some time to make a proper sharing.

With kind regards and prayers,
Abdul Lathief Parappurath