Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nitaqat - an opportunity for change / improvement

Some opportunities are hidden under every challenge!

NITAQATH is a new challenge paused in front of the expatriate (pravasee) community in KSA.

At this stage instead of worrying and taking short term steps, we should make some long term plans and solutions.

The changing scenario of the labour market in KSA is not new. When I came in here, in 1991, most of the people from north Kerala were on Umrah visa, who stayed back for doing some odd jobs! Today you hardly find any Umrah visa holder at work. Number of free visa holders are also far less comparatively.

NITAQATH, should challenge us to explore creative solutions and propose them to the authorities. If we can propose some good solutions to the state and central governments now it may be heard / implemented and it will become beneficial for us in the long term!

- We should make job specific training to our work force.
- Training should be given in spoken english and spoken arabic
- Courses like Quantity surveying should be promoted (Like in Sreelanka, RICS course of UK etc.). JDT Islam polytechnic has a course on quantity surveying.
- BIM (Building Information Modelling) training should be promoted.
- Finishing school should be promoted
- Make plans to transfer the experience of the gulf returnees to the job market of Kerala. make them interact with the new generation job seekers.
- Promote mentoring of professional students by a subject expert from the job market.

Let all of us, individuals & organizations, try to make recommendations in our area of expertise. Let government officials be informed of those proposals. Let us make the required lobbying to make sure that there are some changes / improvements made out of this challenge, NITAQATH.

Tail: I saw the news that in TIRUR, someone has opened a chicken stall named after NITAQATH! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Promoting Charity: Some unique models

Dear friends,

We are all doing charity activities in our circle. Recently I came across with few commendable modes of charity.

1. Pass it on to a stranger:

You may come across with individuals from different walks of life daily. In this method you give any amount, be it even very small amount like ten rupees, to any one you meet (may be at a petrol pump, at a railway station, at a fast food waiting area, at a function, at the ground....)! Ask the stranger to add any amount he wishes to the amount you gave and let him pass the total amount to another stranger. Let the third person give it to a fourth person with little more addition and with the same instruction. As the chain moves the amount will become something big (Very BIG?) and can be either  a) divided and distributed again or b) given some part to a poor needy person while a small amount again to continue in the charity chain...........

Recently one gentlemen distributed around 100 single currency to the attendees of a workshop. Some got one , some others got two /three notes. He asked them to pass it on to others outside the workshop with the above message. At least around 50 chains of charity were created there! Today only God knows where that money has reached and how much it has grown! And how many got benefited from some of the chains!

Do you like it...........Start this model from today and share this message to others.

2. Meeting day charity box:

We all attend various meetings. Here is what a smart group known to me does while they meet:
At the end of the meeting all the attendees put some amount in to a locked charity box. Each individual is free to put whatever amount he or she likes to put. The box will be kept in a place where others can not see how much each individual is dropping in to the box. If you don't want to put money, just go near the box give your blessing and come back. When everyone is finished the box shall be brought to the meeting table. It will be opened publicly.
The group will discuss where to spend this collected amount as charity.  Irrespective of the individuals amount it is the group's common amount now. They all feel the inner satisfaction.

Two or three members from the meeting shall be responsible to distribute the amount as charity. Only one condition, the recipient should be be an unknown poor person or family.

I am sure some of you might have even better ideas than these ones to promote charity.

- Don't hesitate to share your creative charity promotion thoughts in the comments column.
- Remember that all the richest people in the world were / are great donors (Warren Buffet, Bill Gates........)

God has promised that our wealth will not be reduced from charity. Its a proven promise all through ages! (Remember Aboobacker (RA), the first Khaleefa of Islam donated all his wealth in charity at one occasion.)