Saturday, May 17, 2014


The world is not ending today. You can cheer up if you want to live in it. There is greater power in optimism and we bounce back better from tougher situations. What does not kill you make you stronger, wrote Friedrich Nietzsche. Great sufferings and traumas have actually had more positive changes across. Worst possible thing to do is expend our resources and fail. If we believe we can, the gates are opened and a flood of energy is released. Both hope and despair are self-fulfilling prophecies.

The higher and faster the monkey climb the tree, it is easy to see its ass. History may be a damn thing after another, but may not be what happens but more about how we look at it. Indian democracy is founded on caste inequality and Brahmin dominated state. Hinduism has more toxicity and longer cruelty. An idea of a subcontinent unity stretching back to 6000 years is a myth. Injection of religion into national movement was a disaster. Success is always a lousy teacher, which teaches that you can't lose.

Modi is not the kind of guy you take to your mom. He is the most talked about guy in this dismal country and dismal time. Truth was, he was not completely trusted by anyone. There is no plausible reason to start now.  We are marching into a un -chartered territory. Acknowledge that they are pushing an inferior product. India is a wall, and non-ruling is on the other side.

 Many happy people see negative things as isolated events. Moral and ethical values are independent of time and social circumstances. Who will pull the plug and legalize Euthanasia for ruling class?

(As received by email today)